Last week, the community of Leogane, Haiti packed over 50,000 meals for families in Jeremie, where Hurricane Matthew hit hardest. Over 140 people volunteered over 4 days to pack 232 boxes of Kids Against Hunger food.  As part of this sustainable effort to use Haitian resources in country and foster Haitians helping Haitians, the rice for the meals was also purchased in Haiti.   

Hope Rising generously made their facility available for the first packing event.

Packing 53 boxes of food or 11,448 Kids Against Hunger meals, Global Reach volunteered at the event.

On Day 2, Fredrick Chirac of Fondation Chirac Fredrick rallied his English Club students to help out and local restaurant, Maco Leogane hosted the event.Packing gives everyone lots of opportunity to practice speaking English.

The boxing team (Mackenson and Frederick) loaded up this table 53 times to box 11,448 Kids Against Hunger meals.

Amy Van Horn explains to an English Club student how to shake a bag to ensure it's properly sealed.

Day 3 and the packing continues at Hope Rising with a new group of volunteers.

It's a long day for most of the volunteers who pack from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm non stop!

By close of day, they've packed 110 boxes. That's 23,760 Kids Against Hunger meals. Staff members from Kay Timoun pictured here.

A few good laughs with friends helps the day pass quickly.

Carlos shows off his cooking skills to make lunch for the volunteers using KAH ingredients.  

On the final day of packing, Lespri Ministries school kids packed 41 boxes or 8,856 KAH meals. Thanks Elaine Rensink and your crew for all of your help!

We're so grateful for our on-going relationships in Leogane, where Extollo completed its first project, that made these events possible.  In fact, packing event leaders Emmanuel Fongene, Mackenson Louijean and Carlos Joinville trained in construction and helped build the Dezman Fleury Orphanage.

A big thanks goes to Amy Van Horn, Emmanuel, Mackenson and Carlos of Renewed Haiti Connections, who lead the event, in addition to Cornerstone Fellowship who provided the funding and Kids Against Hunger who donated the packing ingredients. 

For the body is not one member, but many. 1 Corinthians 12:14 (KJV)